Prolink Auto Voltage Regulator 500VA


Input Voltage:220VAC 50/60Hz
Input Voltage range:110-270VAC 50/60HZ
Output Voltage:220 VAC
Voltage Regulation:-10%~+10%
Normal mode Efficiency:95%
AVR Mode Efficiency:92%
Digital/Meter Display:Input & Output Voltage
Full Protection:Over Voltage, under Voltage, over current protection


PROLiNK PVR Series is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts, under voltages and over voltages. The PROLiNK PVR takes efficiency to a new level with its microprocessor controller tailored to allow extremely fast response for detecting and regulating voltage. Equipped with a time-delay function, the PVR is able to protect connected devices from power-back surges.

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