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Nebulizer, Compressor 3400

 3,800.00  3,000.00

Brand: Equinox
Noise free high duty Compressor
Adult/Child dual Mask
Warranty: 1 year limited


For all the people who are affected with air borne diseases such as Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Allergies and other Respiratory disorders the Equinox Compressor Nebulizer is an effective device. It helps to convert the medical solution into minute misty particles called aerosols. Since these aerosols are extremely fine they easily pass on into the body of the patient suffering from respiratory ailment. This high utility device has an easy operation which makes it helpful for patients.This device has a compact design that facilitates its storage and helps patients to take it everywhere. Operating the device is simple and has the provision of a non heating compressor that prevents unnecessary heating.

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