DOT POS Printer XP-F76EC


Brand : POS
Name : DOT POS Printer XP-7645III
Printing : 9-Pin serial impact dot-matrix printing
Column capacity : 400 dots/line
Function : ?LAN
* Printer head life: 100 KM
* Freshness outer side design, easy operation
Line Spacing : 4.23mm (Adjustable by commands)
Paper : 63.5mm
Printing Speed : 4.5 line/s
Interface : USB+LAN+SERIA
Power : Power adaptor: Input?AC 110V/220V, 50?60Hz
Power source:Output?DC 24V/2.5A
Cash drawer output DC 24V/1A
Dimensions (D×W×H) : 230×150×130mm
Remarks : 76mm DOT POS Printer
Model : XP-7645III
Warranty : 1 year


XP-F76EC is an excellent performance mobile printer. It’s with Printing width 48mm lithium lon battery, and is widely used in postal, transportation, distribution, small business and other fields.

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