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Digital BP Machine (Arm)

 4,900.00  4,750.00

Brand: Microlife
Model: BP3GX1-4N
3rd Generation product (3G)
99 Memory
Clinically Tested
High Accuracy
PAD detection
MAM technology
Gentle+ Cuff Technology
Warranty: 3 year


Even though we recommend an upper arm cuff with a digital screen or a manual blood pressure monitor, we wanted to include this one because of its popularity and favorable ratings. This model uses indicator lights to help you find the position needed to take your reading.Digital monitors are more popular for measuring blood pressure. They often are easier to use than aneroid units. The digital monitor has a gauge and stethoscope in one unit. It also has an error indicator. The blood pressure reading displays on a small screen. This may be easier to read than a dial. Some units even have a paper printout that gives you a record of the reading.It is common for people to monitor their blood pressure at home. They may need to do this to manage or treat a certain condition. If you do this, you should keep a record, or log, of the measurements. The record shows your doctor how your blood pressure changes throughout the day.

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