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CONTOUR PLUS ONE Smart Gluco Meter with Strips and Lancet

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Model:Contour Plus One
Package Content:1 Meter, 25 Strips, 25 Lancet
Self-guided testing helps you navigate the meter without any prior training
800 test memory
7, 14, 30, or 90 day averages
Easy to track your blood glucose pre-meal, post-meal and fasting
Set alarms to remind you to test

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By integrating your blood glucose (BG) meter with a smartphone app you can simplify the management of your diabetes. BG results captured throughout the day can be automatically synced and logged. And over time, your results may create meaningful insights into how your activities affect your BG levels, which can help improve your understanding of your diabetes. All the while being on the same platform you use for so many other aspects of your life – your smartphone!

Simple to use, the remarkably accurate CONTOUR®PLUS ONE smart meter and CONTOURDIABETES app seamlessly connect to capture all your BG readings and help you to manage your diabetes, smarter.

This smart system allows you to engage at the level that is right for you to manage your diabetes.


Step 1:-Insert the grey end of a CONTOUR  PLUS test strip into the meter.
Step 2:-When the ‘Apply Blood’ screen appears, touch the test strip to the drop of blood. Hold it there until the meter beeps.
Step3:-Your test result will appear after a 5 second countdown and you will be prompted to add a meal marker. The smartLIGHT™ will then indicate whether your reading is within, above, or below target range.

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